10 Fitness Training Tips

Posted by stephan van breenen on February 18, 2011 at 8:40 PM

1.Increases fat loss''it can change metabolic demands,higher reps for more glycogen and calorie use.

2.Give your joints a rest,the joints and connective tissues can only take so much pounding.

3.Enhance muscle growth,muscle adapt to changes in stimulus,cycling heavy and light training periods allows you to work your body in very different ways to keep it from adapting.

4.Train at a mature age,with age tendons become less elastic and more suceptible to injury,many years of heavy lifting can lead to conditions such as tendonitis in some lifters,because of loss of hydration and other tissue changes within the tendons of middle-aged lifters.

5.Enhance concentration,without the anxiety and pressure of having to move  an intimidating load,you'll find it muach more easier fo focus on pure mascular contraction in moving a weight.

6.Train without a partner,without a spotter to help in that kind of situation,you'll be eating

more iron in that split second than in the past 10 years of a normal diet.

7.Work on technique,using lighter weights allows you a safe and non-pressured opportunity to check your form and practice proper lifting habit.

8. Increase total session volume in less time,you can perform a greater number of repetitions in far less time by using ligher resistance,also beable to decrease the duration of your rest periods.

9.Eliminate psychological barriers,a period of using lighter weights with different goal may do the trick,it gives you a psychological reward of achieving success and changed physiological demands(train on highest reps)

10.Train with less equipment,be creative and a litle know-how can go a long way in helping reach your goal,putting a  training program together with the use of light weights at home.

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