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10 Fitness Training Tips

Posted by stephan van breenen on February 18, 2011 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (0)

1.Increases fat loss''it can change metabolic demands,higher reps for more glycogen and calorie use.

2.Give your joints a rest,the joints and connective tissues can only take so much pounding.

3.Enhance muscle growth,muscle adapt to changes in stimulus,cycling heavy and light training periods allows you to work your body in very different ways to keep it from adapting.

4.Train at a mature age,with age tendons become less elastic and more suceptible to injury,many years of heavy lifting can lead to conditions such as tendonitis in some lifters,because of loss of hydration and other tissue changes within the tendons of middle-aged lifters.

5.Enhance concentration,without the anxiety and pressure of having to move  an intimidating load,you'll find it muach more easier fo focus on pure mascular contraction in moving a weight.

6.Train without a partner,without a spotter to help in that kind of situation,you'll be eating

more iron in that split second than in the past 10 years of a normal diet.

7.Work on technique,using lighter weights allows you a safe and non-pressured opportunity to check your form and practice proper lifting habit.

8. Increase total session volume in less time,you can perform a greater number of repetitions in far less time by using ligher resistance,also beable to decrease the duration of your rest periods.

9.Eliminate psychological barriers,a period of using lighter weights with different goal may do the trick,it gives you a psychological reward of achieving success and changed physiological demands(train on highest reps)

10.Train with less equipment,be creative and a litle know-how can go a long way in helping reach your goal,putting a  training program together with the use of light weights at home.

Best and Worst of Fitness Training

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Best chest mass exercise is the dumbbell bench press(less delts involved,more stimulating of the pecs)

Best exercise  for lat width,Wide grip lat pulldowns(involved most last muscle fibers) as well the reverse lat pulldown.

Best exercise for overall delted mass,overhead dumbbell press(involves most middle delts muscle fibers)

Best exercise for biceps mass,barbell curl

Best exercise for targetting the squads,the front squad(the back squat better targets the hamstring and the glutes)

Best exercise for triceps mass,dips(shoulder en elbow joints get involved as well)

Best exercise for hamstring and glute development,romanian deatlift

Best exercise for upper trap mass,barbell shrug.

Best exercise for calf mass,standing calf raise.

Best exercise for overal ab exercise,crunch.

Best exercise for core strength,plank(push up position,resting on your forearms with your arms bent to 90 degrees,30-60 seconds.

Best exercise for overal mass builder,squat(involves hundreds of muscles for acting either prime movers,stabilisers in upper and lower body.

Best exercise for overall strength builder,deadlift(the negative rep allows energy to be stored in the muscle fibers,aids strenght on positive part of the rep.

Best exercise discovery,reverse grip bench press,(30% increase in muscle activity of the upper pecs compared to regular bench press.

Best exercise for burning fat,free weiht multijoints lifts,squat,lunges,standing dumbbell press,dips,barbell row,dumbbell bench press.

Best way to estimate 1rm strength,5rpm test,bench pressx1.1307,leg pressx 1.09703.

Best rep range for muscular growth,8-12 reps(produces the highest growth hormone levels.

Best intenisty technique for muscle growth,forced reps(15%heavier weights,assistance from a spotter,boost testerone,gh levels,fat burn.

Best strength training technique,ascending sets(low weights piramiding up in weights,60%-70%-80% of 1rm.

Best rep range for muscular strength,2-6 reps,(best develops muscle strength,stimulates best the muscle fibers and nervous system.

Best recovery period between workouts,3-4 days,72-96 hours.

Best way to lift for burning fat,heavy weight with short rest periods (6 reps above 12 reps increase metabolic rate longer after workoout.

Decrease rest time to 30 seconds of rest between sets,promoting a 50% of more calories being burned during workout.

Best rep range for muscular endurance,more then 12 reps.

Best rep speed for muscle mass,slow controlled reps.

Best time of the day to train,evening.

Best rep range for muscular power,3-5 reps (power is the ability to apply strength as quickly as possible,doing reps while your muscle are fatique won't help you achieve your goal.

Best time to stretch,after your lifts (before workout stretching weakens the muscles,ater workout when they are more flexible)

Best grip for deadlift,staggered (for maintain balance in strength and muscle development,promoting 50% more reps.

Best rep speed for muscular strength,fast reps (one second positive and one second negative reps)

Best rest period duration for strength and mass,2-3 minutes.

Best training aid to increase strength and reduce injury,weight belts (increase of 40%of intra abdominal pressure,reduces compression of the intervertebral disc by 50%.

Best training aid to increase number of reps completed,wrist straps.

Best machine for increasing strength,smith machine (beable to life more weights)

Best equipment for power and strength,elastic bands (promotes strength).

Best method to increase muscle mass,mind muscle link (visualize lifting the weight,promotes higher muscle activity.

Best way to prepare yourself for a workout,relax (progressive relaxation promotes muscle activation.

Best way to maintain intensity during workout,listen to music.

Best way to see results,positive thinking (effects your physique and health).

Best method to increase power and strength,self talk.

Best cardio machine for burning fat,treadmill.

Best way to make cardio less monotonous,break it up (into shorter segments)

Best cardio technique for burning fat,high intensity interval training and low intensity intervals,use sprints and slow jogging intervals.

Best carbs before workouts,slow digesting (keep insulin levels low,which helps burn more fat.

Best protein before workouts,whey (maximises muscle protein synthesis and enhance blood flow to muscle,help maintain workout energy.

Best carbs after workouts,fast digesting (spike insulin levels,replenish depleted muscle glycogen,stores fastest and blunts cortisol.

Best protein after workout,whey (ramps up protein synthesis for muscle growth.

Best supplement,creatine (increased strength and muscle mass)

Best and cheapest way to boost metabolic rate,drink 500ml of cold water.

Best way to burn fat,high protein and low carbs diet.

Worst strength traning technigue,single sets (decline in strength)

Worst way to train for size,going to failure on every set (lower testerone and insulin like growth factor 1,higher leverls of muscle wasting hormone cortisol.

Worst training advice,don't train if you're sore (is no excuse,same recovery)

Worst time to lift weights,after cardio (growth hormone levels will be 3 times lower)

Worst training strength training equpment,instability devices (like an exercise ball,there where no significant differences in the muscle activity of any core muscles,the erector spinea muscles are slightly greater when exercise where performed on the bench.

Worst rep range to use for mass building,low reps of 6 or less (low reps increase in active myostation  compared to when they trained with lighere weights and rep range around 18 per set.

Worst way to squat,with your head down (gazing down increased the forward bend at the hips by more then 8% and forward flexion of the spine by roughly 2%.

Worst piece of cardio equipment,fitness flyer.

Worst way to do cardio,at a comfortable pace.

Worst time to train abs,first thing in a workout (it will effect your workout,when abs are allready weakened)

Higher calcium intake from diary consumption leads to greater fat loss.